New! 2 Week European Itineraries – Itinerary #2: Italy’s Tuscan Countryside

New! 2 Week European Itineraries – Itinerary #1: Northern Europe

Back several years ago, while developing the itinerary for my first trip abroad, I realized that half the fun of traveling for me is in the planning itself.  I love looking at the time I have, researching possible locations, narrowing down the cities I want to cover, and then going through all of the possible sights, finding the best ones, and figuring out the most systematic way to tackle them.  I especially love when I discover some of the less visited but equally spectacular cities or sights in a region.  Don’t get me wrong, putting my plan into action is undoubtedly the best part, but it flies by so quickly that without all of that preparation, I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

The first trip I officially planned for someone else was for 4 girls I knew studying abroad in England who wanted to go to Italy for spring break.  They didn’t want to travel with some huge tour group, but they also didn’t want to have to plan to the extent they would need to in order to undertake a trip like that alone.  So, I took care of it for them, and I loved every minute of it.  I discussed their budget and interests with them—they didn’t want to visit museums or too many churches like I might want to if I were going on a trip myself; they didn’t want to stay in a hostel like some college people might, but they knew they couldn’t afford five-star hotels, either.  They wanted to see the major sights, have a little bit of down time to explore the cities and shop, and be able to have a good meal or two but still stay within budget.  While I would assume many college students would want to stay out late and not get up early, they were not opposed to starting their day early, and really wanted to get everything they could out of their trip.  Important things to know before helping them to plan anything.

After discussing their interests in depth with them, we narrowed their 10 day trip down to 3 cities—Venice, Florence, and Rome—the big 3 of Italy.  I found them some great hotels in the center of things that fit their budget, booked their flights into Venice and out of Rome, and booked their seats on the trains that were going to easily connect those cities for them.  I then created a completely custom itinerary for them.  I laid out all of the sights I thought they would find interesting in a logical way, gave them some suggesting for other places of interest, provided them with city transportation information, and booked several tours for them, including one that would skip the line at the Vatican Museum for them (the only museum they wanted to visit in order to see the Sistine Chapel), and a day trip into Tuscany for a food and wine tour which turned out to be their favorite day of the trip.  Along with their official itinerary, I provided them with countless supplemental documents and copies of all of their booking confirmations.  The link below goes to that itinerary as an example of my work.

Most people don’t love planning like I do.  So that’s where I come in.  I can plan an itinerary to suit any interest and enjoy every minute of helping to make someone’s travel dreams come true.  Everyone has different interests, likes and dislikes.  Some people like to barrel full speed from one place to the next at record-breaking pace, others like to take their time and discover every nook and cranny of a particular city.  Most people fall somewhere in between.  Some people want to cover every single sight a city has to offer.  Others want to see very little and prefer to just see the city itself.  Most people fall somewhere in between, but even then, everyone has particular interests that they would like their trip somehow tailored toward.  It doesn’t matter your taste, just that your trip is personalized toward what you love: sights, activities, tours, food and wine…  Vacation time is precious; you have to get what you want out of it.  I can take the stress out of planning, traveling, and even how to get around on your trip with one of my custom itineraries.

Travel Brochure 2014

Itinerary Pricing 2014

Example Itinerary: 10 Days in Italy for 4 College Students

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