City Skyline (Quebec City, Canada)


01.05.2016 – In my last post about Canada for a while, I wanted to share a shot of the beautiful Quebec City skyline.  I had trouble choosing just one picture!  While I enjoyed my time in Montreal, I loved my time in Quebec.  The city feels so European, it’s like being there without having to hop across the Atlantic to get there.  The historic cobblestone streets, beautiful European architecture, and cool summer weather all beckon you to stroll and explore.  The city is also a food lover’s paradise; we found some phenomenal restaurants.  Climbing up the hills to the upper town, you’ll be sure to work up an appetite!  It’s worth the hike to see the Chateau Frontenac up close, though.  The Chateau Frontenac (at the top of the picture) is a 600 room hotel that sits atop the city.  Opened in 1893, it defines the city skyline.  We wandered the interior and even ate in the restaurant (delicious)–next time, I want to splurge and stay there.  Strolling the boardwalk that runs along the front of the hotel is a great way to view the city below and the hotel’s exterior close.  Don’t worry, for those who don’t want to make the steep hike up the city streets to get from lower town to upper town, there’s a funicular that will quickly whisk you up the hill for a small fee.

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