Tip of the Day – Week 1

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Below are our Tips of the Day from this week:

Tip #1:  Barcelona, Spain (Sagrada Familia Basilica):

Save yourself the stress of waiting in a LONG line to see the beautiful Sagrada Família Basilica. You can book your tickets in advance online at: www.ticketmaster.es/nav/landings/en/mucho_mas/entradas_sagrada_familia/index.html?loce=en-home-left-1-52-LASAGRADAFAMLIA . More insider tips for Barcelona are available on Travel Tales and Tips under City by City.

Tip #2:  Booking Flights:

To compare multiple airlines globally, use Kayak.com. Then book your flights directly with the carrier (my favorite method for booking transportation and hotels). However, within the US and PR, try searching on Southwest’s website, as well. They don’t come up on Kayak and are often one of the most affordable carriers.

Tip #3:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Anne Frank House):

The Anne Frank house has reputation of having horrible lines. The space is obviously small and they can only let in a limited number of people at a time. Save yourself a LOT of headaches and time and book ahead. It only costs an extra €0.50 per ticket (it will be the best €0.50 you ever spent if the lines resemble what they were like when I was there). Tickets can be reserved at… Get all the details on this and Amsterdam at Travel Tales and Tips: traveltalesandtips.com/2012/04/23/netherlands-amsterdam/

Tip #4:  Car Rentals Overseas:

Certain countries require an International Driver’s License in order to drive a rental car. It’s basically your license information in several languages. You can obtain one for a fee at AAA (must be done before departure). Make sure to research if you will need one for the country you plan to rent in!

Tip #5:  Cruise Line Excursions:

Excursions are a great way to see the top sights in a city quickly or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, booking through the cruise line can come with a hefty price tag. Consider whether this is your best option before booking. Example: In Tortola, I found that by booking the dolphin swim myself I could do a much more interactive experience for less money than the one the cruise line was offering. We were directly docked at that location, so it was easy to do ourselves. In another location, on the other hand, we had to be brought in on tender boats. Those with cruise line booked excursions have priority transportation, so based on how long you’re docked, it may be worth the extra cost to book through them and not have to stress about your schedule. Do your research and weigh the costs and benefits.

Tip #6:  Eating Like a Local:

It’s easy to end up eating in a tourist trap when you’re on vacation. This is a fast way to find yourself eating mediocre, overpriced food. Obvious places to avoid are those with maître d’s outside trying to get people to eat there and restaurants with pictures all over the menu. You’re almost certain to be disappointed. Ask a local where they enjoy eating (often if you have a guide for a tour or sight they can recommend somewhere–just be sure there’s nothing in it for them). Look for locals in the restaurant–always a good sign. And most importantly, feel it out before sitting down; look around at what people are eating. Your gut feeling will almost always head you in the right direction!

Tip #7:  Twitter:

You can now also follow us on twitter at: twitter.com/TravelTalesTips  #TravelTalesTips

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