Nice’s Beach (Nice, France)

France- Nice- Waterfront 1

1.16.2013- Nice is known as the  center of the French Riviera.  It conjurs up thoughts of bright blue waters, giant yachts, and jet-setters.  There are all of those things in Nice, but there is also the inevitable tourist crush that you will find in most popular beach towns during the height of the summer.  That being said, the water is truly amazing–this photo has not been edited in any way, I could spend hours walking along the harbor staring at the yachts as big as houses, and the people-watching can be a lot of fun.  Also, it’s a stone’s throw from Monte Carlo if you have an itch to gamble with the richest of the rich (or just stand outside of the casino and stare at their insanely expensive sports cars on display as if it were a museum).

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