Berlin Holocaust Memorial (Berlin, Germany)

Germany- Berlin- Holocaust Memorial 1

1.9.2013- The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is stark and thought-provoking (as it was meant to be).  It meaning can be widely varied to different people, but I think my husband put it well in his synopsis of it after experiencing it together.  He said in the beginning when the walls were low you didn’t feel that uncomfortable, but as you walked further into it and the blocks grew higher and higher, it made him feel uncomfortable and isolated.  You could hear people around you but you couldn’t actually see them and their voices became muted.  At one point I wandered a block or two away and he came to get me.  It just gives you this total feeling of isolation.  Also, I felt that they seemed to represent coffins piled higher and higher as time goes on.  No matter what your assessment of it, it definitely gets you thinking about the horrors of that time period, and I think that is really the end goal of the memorial.

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