Split Baptistry/ Temple of Jupiter (Split, Croatia)

Croatia- Split- Baptistry 1

12.3.2012- Split, Croatia is a mix of very old and new.  The Temple of Jupiter was built around the 3rd century, about the same time as Diocletian’s Palace.  It was converted into a Baptistry in the Middle Ages.  In the spirit of waste not, want not, the majority of Diocletian’s works were converted into either a part of the current modern-day city or a new Christian sight.  (Diocletian’s resting place, for instance, was converted to a Cathedral.  His body is nowhere to be found, and persecuted Christians–he was a terrible persecutor of hundreds–replaced him in its resting place).  It’s a bit odd to see the outlines of a early A.D. palace surrounding modern-day cafes and shops, but somehow Split makes it work.

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