Dachau Concentration Camp (Dachau, Germany)

11.13.2012- Dusseldorf feels like this happy little city full of beer and lederhosen, but a short train ride away, the town of Dachau houses a much sadder part of Germany’s history.  While the town may be cute and probably not overly enthusiastic about its “claim to fame,” Dachau Concentration Camp was the first–and one of the most notorious–in Germany.  Having housed, tortured, and murdered over 200,000 prisoners, Dachau didn’t discriminate.  Everyone from politicians who ended up on the wrong side to Catholics to Orthodox Christians to Jews to the mentally handicapped, this prison didn’t discriminate.  Visiting is difficult, but worth it to pay your respects to the people who died there and to learn a lesson that hopefully keeps history from ever repeating itself again.

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