Itinerary Example: Italy

Cover Letter:

Hi Girls,

I have attached several documents to this email.  Please read the below so you know what they are and what you need to do for your trip (also, some require your attention now):

1)  The word document titled “Italy Itinerary” is your itinerary.  This has all of your hotel information, tours, directions, and references to other necessary material by day and city.  PLEASE REVIEW PAGE 4 to see if there is anything else that you would like to see in Florence. Specifically, you would need to decide about seeing the Ufizzi Gallery (famout art museum–didn’t think that would be something on your must-see list) and the Galleria dell’Accademia (to see Michelangelo’s David–very famous, that’s the only thing you would go to see there) because you would want to book a time for those ahead to avoid hours in line.

2)  The PDF entitled “Transportation.”  This includes your boarding passes to and from Italy (you each have a prepaid bag both ways–info in itinerary), specific flight info, and also a VERY IMPORTANT document that you each NEED TO REVIEW.  It has all of your personal information that you must ensure is correct or you will not be able to fly on the day of your trip (this is the info currently provided to the airline).  Please review carefully and let me know immediately if something is incorrect so I can take care of it.  Your train “tickets” are also in here (Venice to Florence and Florence to Rome).  They are both a voucher with a number on it.  These serve as your tickets–you do not need anything else.  You will provide them to the conductor of the train and they will use the # on it to look you up.  Finally in here, there is a schedule for the Venice Airport Bus into the city.

3)  3 PDFs entitled “Supplemental Venice,” “Supplemental Florence,” & “Supplemental Rome” contain all of your necessary documentation for hotels (confirmation emails, proof of paying for Florence & Rome, and directions on how to get there from your arrival points in each city–some in conjunction with what is written on your itinerary).  These also have all of your Tour Vouchers for your tours that must be brought with you on the day of your tours to prove you paid or to pick up your tickets depending upon the sight (in some cases, like the Venice tickets, you also need the ID of the person whose name the tour is booked under–this is noted on your itinerary in bold).  Also included in these packets for each city are directions on how to get to your tour locations (if applicable) and how to get back from the end of the tour (if applicable), directions on how to get to sights of interest in each city (if mentioned in the itinerary), and 2 different walking-tours of Rome that are laid out in your itinerary (one to see the best of the city sights not covered on your other tours–all free sights, and one of the city sights lit up at night).

4)  The word document titled “Italy Daily Checklist.”  This has by day important things you need to remember to do that day–i.e. bring a
voucher or ID with you for a tour, call a tour for a different day to confirm, etc.  It’s also on the itinerary, but it points out specifics quickly by day to ensure you don’t accidentally skip over something very important (check it each morning or the night before).

5)  The PDF entitled ” City Sights- Pictures” contains pictures of the major sights you want to cover in each city.  I laid out the sights briefly in the itinerary, but I thought you might want to be able to see what they were.  This should be especially useful for the do-it-yourself Rome Walking Tour so that you know what you’re looking for.

I would also recommend you order some good city maps to keep on you (the best ones are the Insight Flexi-Maps if available–you can get
them on, they have all of the major sights on them rather than just being a street map and they’re waterproof) or find a place
to get one upon arriving in the cities (sometimes your hotel will provide one free if you ask).

You may want to forward this info to your parents so they know where you will be in case of emergency.  Hope all of this helps, and let me
know if you have any questions.  Just print everything and you should be good to go!

Have a Wonderful Trip!


*Note: The bullet points and fonts below are not reflective of the itinerary provided–this is how it copied out of the word document I provided them (the format is usually much easier to read).

  • March 18th:  Depart Gatwick Airport (LGW) at 1:20pm, EasyJet Flight XXX
    • Booking # XXX, Flight departs from the South Terminal
    • Arrive at airport at least 2 hrs prior to flight, bring boarding passes
    • EasyJet flight has prepaid bags for each of you, 20 kg each (or 44 lbs)
    • Also, you are allowed ONE carry-on per person 56 x 45 x 25cm
    • Book a car to pick you up at XXX at appx. 9:20am
      • Book this about a week or so before departure (and book your return at the same time so you have that done)
      • It takes about 2 hrs to get to the airport
      • Castle Cars Banbury +44 (0)1295 270011
      • They quoted me at 110 GPB each way, pay cash (confirm)
    • Flight arrives in Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) at 4:20pm
    • Note:  There is a time difference in Italy of +1 hour from London
  • March 18th – March 21th:  Venice, Italy

–        March 18th (Fri.):

  • 4:20pm, Arrive in Venice Airport
  • From the Airport ake the ATVO Fly Bus, tickets cost €3
    • The bus stop is located between the arrivals terminal and the departure area
    • You can buy tickets at the ATVO counter in the arrivals hall, from the ticket machines in the baggage-claim area, or from a ticket machine in the bus departure area
    • Caution: ATVO also runs buses to other locations, so look for the “Venezia” sign before boarding
    • Important:  Validate your ticket before or right after boarding the ATVO coach. At the airport, you’ll find a stamping machine next to the bus stop, OTHERWISE YOU COULD BE FINED
    • Bus runs every 30 mins & trip takes 20 mins to Piazzale Roma
    • Has luggage compartment under it where driver will stow bags
    • Take Vaporetti # 1 to Hotel (scenic & best route—get out camera)
      • (Direction:  Lido) To San Marco Vallaresso (appx 15 stops, 35 mins)
      • The vaporettos, or public water-buses, run 24 hours a day, less frequently after midnight. You will need to buy a ticket before boarding. Tickets cost €5,00 if travelling along the Gran Canal (you will be). The ticket does not include the supplement you will need if you have luggage. (Not sure if you would use it, but there is also a three day pass which costs € 22,00.)
      • Then follow the map provided in the supplemental
    • Night:  Hotel Ai Do Mori
      • Bring confirmation e-mail with details of your reservation
      • You will need to pay 300 cash at your departure
      • San Marco 658 Venice, 30124

–        March 19th (Sat.):

  • 9:55am:  Dodge’s Palace Secret Trials Tour (1+ hr)
  • Dodge’s Palace
  • Hours of Operation
    • 9am-5pm (041 2715911)
    • Entrance Fee
      • Tickets under XXX name—BRING PHOTO ID
      • Includes entrance fee to Dodge’s Palace (can stay after)
      • Order Number:  XXX
      • Features
        • Tour through otherwise off-limits areas.  See where the rulers performed their duties behind closed doors and down hidden passageways, see the Bridge of Sighs and the Prisons/ Dungeons.
      • Directions
        • The entrance to the Palazzo Ducale is in St. Mark’s Sq. at the Porta del Frumento, in front of the Bacino di San Marco.  Take voucher to the “group” counter to exchange for entrance ticket.  Must be present at the Palace at time specified.
        • It’s basically on the side of Dodge’s Palace (also called Palazzo Ducale in Italian) that faces the canal.
  • St. Mark’s Square/ Basilica/ Campanile
    • Hours of Operation
      • 9:30am-4pm BellTower (041-5224064)
      • 10am-4:30pm Basilica and Presbytery
      • 10am-4pm MarcianoMuseum (041-5225205)
      • Entrance Fee
        • Bell Tower (including elevator) (6€)
        • Basilica (0€) – Illuminated from 11:30am – 12:30pm weekdays
        • Treasury (2€)
        • Presbytery (1.50€)
        • Marciano Museum (3€)
          • Not all that interesting, but worth going for the pretty view from its viewing deck over the square & seeing the mosaic ceiling (entire thing is made up of tiny tiles) very close up.
      • Features:  Beautiful view from the bell tower, Basilica is one of the world’s greatest churches, in the Presbytery lies St. Mark/ a beautiful altar, in the Museum is the world famous Triumphal Quadriga (4 horses).
  • Side Note:  If you want to do a Gondola ride it will cost you aproximately 80€ for 40 mins, Negotiate Route (you want side canals only) & price/ time prior to departure—you can definitely talk them down, there are plenty.
  • Night:  Hotel Ai Do Mori

–        March 20th (Sun.):

  • Wander Venice.  The side canals have a lot of really cool stuff.  Get lost.  Make sure you go to the Rialto Bridge and the shops on and over it (directions provided in supplemental documents).  There is a little market as you cross over it.  Remember, though, there are only 3 bridges across the grand canal so if you start to wander you may have to go pretty far to get back across to your side again.
  • Night:  Hotel Ai Do Mori
  • March 21st – March 24th:  Florence & Pisa, Italy

US Consulate in Florence: Via Lungarno A. Vespucci, 38; tel 055-266951; M-F 8:30am-12:30pm–2-4:30 by appt

–        March 21st (Mon.):

  • Depart Hotel for Train Station/ Florence

Vaporetti to Train Station

  • Vaporetti #1 (direction:  P. Roma S. Chiara SX) from S. Marco Vallaresso DX to Ferrovia S. Lucia SX (runs appx every 10 minutes this time of day & takes 36 mins to the train station)—Recommend the 9:15 (gets in at 9:51) or the 9:25 (gets in at 10:01)
  • 10:27am, Depart on Eurostar Train to Rome
    • Train # ES XXX, depart Firenze S.M.N.
    • 10:27am – 12:30pm, to Roma Termini
    • Booking # (PRN):  XXX
    • This is a ticketless reservation, no ticket is needed prior to boarding the train. You will simply offer this PNR code (& voucher in the supplemental) to the conductor for validation on your PNR.
    • Be sure to board Car #7 (there should be #’s on the outside of the train because that is the specific car your seats are in) Seats: XX, XX, XX, X
  • Arrive at 12:30pm in Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station
  • Check into Hotel Marios/ drop off luggage
    • 4 blocks from the train station (use map provided)
    • Reservation Confirmed & Pre-Paid (BRING E-MAIL CONFIRMATION)
    • Quadruple Room Reserved, Includes Breakfasts
    • Via Faenza 89 – 50123 Firenze
  • City Sight-Seeing Ideas:  Pitti Palace / Boboli Gardens, Ponte Vecchio, Bargello Museum, Santa Croce, Ufizzi Museum, Accademia Museum
  • My Suggestion:  Walk Across the Ponte Vecchio (bridge), see Pitti Palace from the outside (inside is an art museum with a steep admission price) and then visit Boboli Gardens (like a little piece of Tuscany).  Directions provided for this walk from the hotel in the supplemental.
    • I have put some information on all of these place below, look through it and see if there is anything else you want to do.
  • Boboli Gardens
    • The Pitti Palace was the Palace of the Medici family who ruled Florence and much of Italy for hundreds of year, after them it housed the king of Italy, behind it is Boboli Gardens
      • The gardens are a little bit of Tuscany—walk to the top of them for a beautiful view over Florence in one direction, and in the other direction over Tuscany
      • Hours of Operation:  8:15am-5:30pm
      • Admission:  7€
      • Directions:  Walk across the Ponte Vecchio to Pitti Palace (see map) Enter the gardens from the Pitti Palace Couryard (buy tickets at the palace, as well—do not confuse this with the Pitti Palace ticket which is different)


  • Bargello Museum
    • Hours of Operation:  8:15am – 1:50pm
    • Admission:  4€
    • Features
      • Old Prison, contains Donatello’s David, Donatello’s St. George, Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child, Michelangelo’s Bacchus, Reliefs by Brunelleschi and Ghiberti
      • Rooms Must See:  Michelangelo Room & Salone del Consiglio Generale.  Also, if time:  Salone del Camino
      • Directions:  Via del Proconsolo near cross street Via Ghibellina
  • Santa Croce Church
    • Hours of Operation:  9:30am – 5:30pm (appx. visit time is about 1 hour)
    • Admission:  4€
    • Features
      • Contains tombs and monuments of famous Florentines including Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Rossini, & Bruni
      • Directions:  Piazza Santa Croce (kind of far from everything, see map)
  • Ufizzi Gallery
    • Hours of Operation
      • Open 8:15am-7pm (other hours assoc. w/ different exhibits)
      • If want to do this, may want to pre-book, line can be very long
      • Entrance Fee, 6.50€ (another 3€ to pre-book)
      • Features
        • One of the most famous museums in the world; works donated by Medici family.  Houses works by Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo &Caravaggio.
      • Directions:  Look at map
  • Galleria dell’Accademia
    • Hours of Operation
      • If you want to see this, should book ahead to avoid hours in line
      • 8:15am-6:50pm (last entry 30 mins before closing), Closed Mon
      • Entrance Fee
        • 9.50€ each (for pre-booked ticket), 6.50€ for non-pre-booked
        • Michelangelo’s David and his Prisoners (or Slaves) statues
      • Directions:  2 Blocks from Duomo, look at the map
      • NOTE:  If wanted to book this, booking it for after your walking tour is ideal.

–        March 22nd (Tues.):

  • 9:15am, Tour:  Original Florence Walk with Artviva (3-3.5 hrs)
  • Hours of Operation
    • Meets at 9:15am, must arrive then or lose spot, tour begins 9:30am
    • Tour ends inside the Duomo at appx. 12:30pm
    • Entrance Fee
      • 4 Student Tickets (20€ each), Pre-paid, Bring confirmation e-mail
      • Features
        • Piazza Repubblica, Orsanmichele, Piazza, Strozzi, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Santa Trinità, the Chiesa di Santa Trinità, Piazza Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia dei Lanzi, Piazza Sant’Elisabetta, Duomo, Bell Tower, Ghibert’s Gold Doors, Dome & Bell Tower (outdoors)
      • Directions
        • Meeting   Place: Tour Office in Via de’ Sassetti, 1, 2nd Floor
        • Located near Piazza della Repubblica on the corner of Via Sassetti and Piazza Davanzati (walk from hotel w/ map)
        • Tour Operator’s Number:  39 055 2645033
  • Climb the Dome of the Duomo (Cathedral) when the tour is over (tour ends outside of the Duomo)
  • Duomo Cathedral, Baptistery & Gitto’s Bell Tower
    • Hours of Operation
      • 10am-5pm Cathedral (10am-4:30pm Thurs.)
      • 8:30am-7pm Cupola  (the Dome Climb)
      • 8:30am-7:30pm BellTower (last adm. 6:50pm)
      • 12pm-7pm Baptistery  (last adm. 6:30pm)
      • 9am-7:30pm DuomoMuseum (last adm. 6:50pm)
      • Entrance Fee (these are 2008 prices)
        • Cathedral (0€)
        • Excavation (3€)
        • Cupola (Dome) (6€)
        • Gitto’s Bell Tower (6€)
        • Baptistery (3€)
        • Duomo Museum (6€)
      • Features
        • One of the world’s largest churches, famous for Brunelleschi’s red-tiled dome, Ghibert’s Gold Doors, and the Duomo Museum.
  • At night, walk “lit-up” Florence… along the river where you can see the Ponte Vecchio is very pretty.
  • Night:  Hotel Marios

–        March 23rd (Wed.):



  • 8:15am:  Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour
    • Hours of Operation
      • Leaves at 8:30am, Length 11-12 hrs
      • Leaves from outside of the Santa Maria Novella Train Station (where you came in on the train from Venice—few blocks from hotel) by the taxi stand which is located at the front of the station. Meeting point is easy to locate & your guide will be waiting for you.
      • Tour will bring you back here, as well at the end.
      • Entrance Fee
        • Pre-paid, bring confirmation e-mail (VOUCHER)
        • Booking Reference #:  XXX
        • Code:  XXX
      • Features
          • Transport by air-conditioned coach, Professional guide, Detailed maps of all destinations visited, Lunch at a wine estate, Wine, honey and olive oil tastings, Entrance fees to Sienna Cathedral.
          • Scenic drive through Monteriggioni.
          • Siena– choose to join a guided tour through the city (free entry inside the Cathedral is included). Or you’re free to wander on your own.
          • Stroll among Chianti vineyards, olive groves & wine cellars, eat a traditional Tuscan lunch amongst the Sienese hills.  A wine-tasting class will be held during lunch including free samples of wine honey & olive oil.
          • San Gimignano-roam the maze of cobbled streets & small squares, grab a gelato & walk between San Gimignano’s famous 14 towers.
          • Pisa-Leaning Tower, Cathedral, Baptistery & monumental Cemetery (here for about 1 hour which is definitely enough time).
          • Your local contact is XXX on +39 328XXXXXXX
            • Their hours are 9:00am-8pm, Monday to Monday.
  • Pisa Sights at the Piazza de Miracoli (around the Leaning Tower)
    • Hours of Operation
      • Sites open until 7pm
      • Entrance Fee
        • Cathedral (2€)
        • Two Entrances (6€)
        • Five Entrances (10€)
        • Note:  None of the above include entrance to the leaning tower
      • Features
        • Cathedral, Baptistery, Monumental Cemetery, Opera Museum, Sinopie Museum, and the Leaning Tower
        • The leaning tower is a separate ticket that you must book… it isn’t worth the money to go up in it, (we just saw all of these sights from the outside)
  • Night:  Hotel Marios

–        March 24th (Thurs.):



Hours: 9am-5:30pm, Phone:  +39 041 XXXXXX

  • 10:10am, Depart on Eurostar Train to Rome
    • Train # ES XXX, depart Firenze S.M.N.
    • 10:10am – 11:45am, to Roma Termini
    • Booking # (PRN):  XXX
    • This is a ticketless reservation, no ticket is needed prior to boarding the train. You will simply offer this PNR code (& voucher in the supplemental) to the conductor for validation on your PNR.
    • Be sure to board Car #11 (there should be #’s on the outside of the train because that is the specific car your seats are in) Seats: 51, 52, 53, 58*
    • *Note: All of your seats are in the same car, but 58 is a row or two away from the others (to get the discounted price, these were the last 4 seats available)
  • March 24th – March 27th:  Rome, Italy

U.S. Embassy Consular Section:  Via Boncompagni 2 Rome; U.S. Embassy:  Via Vittorio Veneto 121 Rome, tel. 06-46-741; fax: 06-46-74-2244; website:

–        March 24th (Thurs.):

  • 11:45am, Arrive in Roma Termini Station

From Termini Station to Hotel

  • You can walk to the hotel (it is a half mile and will take appx 10 mins) OR
  • You can take the Metro Line A (direction:  Ottaviano) from Termini 1 Stop to Repubblica and then walk 2 blocks to Bellesuite, look at map
  • Bellesuite S.R.L.
    • Via Modena 5, Rome 00185
    • Quadruple room including breakfasts
  • Self Guided Tour of Free Rome Sights
    • Sights Covered:  Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Victor Emanuel II Monument, Colosseum, St. Peter in Chains Church (optional), Santa Maria Maggiore Church (optional)
    • If you do the entire walk it is 4.5 miles (1.5 hrs not counting stops)
    • See enclosed map/directions in supplemental
  • Piazza Barberini
    • See the Fontana de Tritone (Triton Fountain)
    • This is on the way to the Spanish Step
  • Piazza di Spagna
    • Climb the Spanish Steps (if you want, pretty view from the top)
    • Bernini’s Fontana della Barcaccia—a leaking boat (at the foot of the steps)
    • Trinita dei Monti Church—at the top of the steps, beautiful view from here
  • Trevi Fountain- Huge, built in 1762 (you can hear it before you can see it)
  • Piazza Colonna
    • Features a huge 2nd century column to Marcus Aurelius
    • Also features the headquarters for the cabinet of the prime minister (the big palace-looking building)
    • These directions will next take you past Giolitti, Rome’s most famous gelateria (gelato shop)
  • Pantheon
    • Hours of Operation:  8:30am-7:30pm
    • Entrance Fee, 0€
    • Church; of all Ancient Rome’s great buildings, only to remain intact; Raphael’s tomb.  Until 5th century, was a temple to the Roman gods.
    • Look up—above you is the occulus (opening to the sky)
  • Piazza Navona
    • This oblong square retains the shape of the original racetrack built here
    • See Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (the Fountain of 4 Rivers–in the center of the Piazza) & Fontana del Moro (also in the piazza)
    • Sant’Agnese in Agone—where St. Agnes was martyred (in piazza)
    • Palazzo Pamphilj—now Brazil’s Embassy, built by pope (in piazza)
  • Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
    • Very close by to Piazza Navona & on the way to next stop
    • See the exterior no matter what, (interior is really neat, but hours are 4pm-6:30pm—check to see if open) and also see its Obelisk while there
  • Victor Emanuel II Monument
    • Huge white monument to the person who united Italy (only see outside)
    • Built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country’s unification in 1870
    • Over this way there are no metro’s so no matter what you have to walk to the Colosseum for its metro stop if nothing else, so might as well see it
  • Colosseum
  • From here, you can either hop on the metro and end your tour or see the following 2 sights and end back at your hotel on foot.

Metro from Colosseum to Hotel

  • Line B (direction:  Rebibbia) from Colosseo 2 Stops to Termini
  • Line A (direction:  Ottaviano) from Termini 1 Stop to Repubblica (or walk from Termini) back to the hotel


  • San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains Church)
    • Hours:  7am – 6pm
    • Michelangelo’s “Moses” & his “Rachel” and St. Peter’s Actual Chains
  • Santa Maria Maggiore
    • Hours:  7am – 7pm
    • Features:  Beautiful stained glass windows from outside lit at night.  Inside has some nice features, including a ceiling made of gold brought back by Columbus from the “New World”.
    • From here it is a 10 min walk back to the hotel.
    • If you choose to visit the outside of this at night to see its windows lit up, it is only a 10 min walk from your hotel down Via Torino (you should eventually see the square that the church sits on/ the church itself).
  • Rome at Night
    • To view Rome at night (a lot of the city’s sights are lit-up), I recommend 2 different things.  See the Colosseum and Ancient Rome lit up one night—very little walking, can simply take the metro there & back, doesn’t take that long—directions below, & then doing the below listed Night Walk of Rome another night.
    • **At a minimum, you have to see the Trevi Fountain at night.**


Metro from Hotel to Colosseum/ Ancient Rome

  • Line A (direction: Anagnina) from Repubblica 1 stop to Termini (or walk to Termini)
  • Line B (direction:  Laurentina) from Termini 2 Stops to Colosseo
  • Appx. Time:  The metro from Termini to Colosseo takes appx 10 mins

Metro from Colosseum to Hotel

  • Line B (direction:  Rebibbia) from Colosseo 2 Stops to Termini
  • Line A (direction:  Ottaviano) from Termini 1 Stop to Repubblica (or walk from Termini) back to the hotel
  • Night walk of Rome Lit Up (follow enclosed map)
    • Walk from hotel to Trevi Fountain
      • The scene is always lively, toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain to ensure a return to Rome some day
      • Piazza Colonna features a huge 2nd century column that honors Marcus Aurelius; a short detour from here brings you to Rome’s moast famous gelateria, Giolitti (open until very late)
      • Next walk to the Pantheon built by Emperor Hadrian in AD 120
      • Next head for Piazza Navona, Rome’s most interesting night scene featuring street music, artists, fire-eaters, ice cream, the beautiful Four Rivers fountain & outdoor cafes
        • At the Tre Scalini bar (near the fountain) the tartufo ice cream is famous (but not cheap €4 to go, €8 at a table)
      • Finally, conclude in the Campo de Fiori—the square is surrounded by fun eateries including the Forno (open until 8pm), a popular place for pizza to go (order by the weight), the many bars lining the square get packed late night and on the weekends with beer-drinking kids making the square into one vast Roman party street
      • From here, you can return by walking (a little under a mile) or find a taxi (no metros run in this part of Rome)
  • Night:  Bellesuite S.R.L.

–        March 25th (Fri.):


  • ** Note, shoulders and knees must be covered for the 2nd portion of the tour today or you won’t be able to get into certain parts of the Vatican**
  • Metro from Hotel to Colosseum for Morning Tour

Metro from Hotel to Colosseum/ Ancient Rome

  • Line A (direction: Anagnina) from Repubblica 1 stop to Termini (or walk to Termini)
  • Line B (direction:  Laurentina) from Termini 2 Stops to Colosseo
  • Appx. Time:  The metro from Termini to Colosseo takes appx 10 mins
  • 8:50am:Colosseum Tour
    • Hours of Operation
      • Leaves at 9am, be there 10 mins before this, Length:  3 hours
      • Entrance Fee
        • Pre-paid, BRING BOTH TOURS’ VOUCHERS
        • Reservation #:  XXX
      • Features
        • Colosseum (skip-the-line), Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus, Forum
      • Directions
        • Meets:  Outside the Colosseum metro station, by the fountain on the right-hand side.  Guide will be holding a sign with “XXX Rome Tour” on it
  • Guide will take you from 1st part of tour to the 2nd (will probably take public bus); if for some reason they don’t (they should), ask them to tell you how to get there
  • Best pizza we EVER had was by the Vatican, guide for tour showed us the place
  • 1:05pm:Vatican Tour
    • Hours of Operation
      • Leaves at 1:15pm, be there 10 mins before this, Length:  4 hours
      • Features
        • VaticanMuseum, Raphael’s Rooms, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square, St. Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo’s Pieta
        • May want to bring binoculars to view the Sistine Chapel
      • Directions
        • Meeting Place: Outside Main Entrance of the Vatican Museums.
        • Guide will be holding a sign with “Avventure Bellissime” on it
  • When the tour ends, you will be in Saint Peter’s Square outside of the Vatican and it will be around 5:30pm.  Walk straight down the Via della Conciliazione and you will see Castel Sant’ Angelo and its bridge.  We didn’t go inside (info below, though), but it’s neat to see from the outside, especially across its bridge.  (Can ask the tour guide to point you in the direction.)
  • Directions to here and then the metro are included in the Supplemental.
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
    • Hours of Operation, 9am-7pm
    • Entrance Fee, 8€
    • Features
      • Overpowering castle on the Tiber, built in the 2nd Century as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian.  Can climb to top of the terrace for another dazzling view of the city.  Also could just view from outside.
    • From across the Sant’Angelo bridge to the nearest metro is about a 20 min walk, but it’s along the water and brings you to a pretty little square (otherwise you’ll have to take a taxi).  See map for the walk.
  • Piazza del Popolo (where the metro is)See twin churches and Piazza’s Obelisk
    • From here, you just need to walk through the Porta Flaminia gate (like a big arch) and across the street to get to the Flaminio metro stop.

Metro from Flaminio to Hotel

  • Line A (direction: Anagnina) from Flaminio 3 stops to Repubblica
  • For evening ideas, see “Rome at Night” on the previous day’s itinerary.
  • Night:  Bellesuite S.R.L.

–        March 26th (Sat.):

  • 6:45am:  Pompeii & Amalfi Coast Small Group Day Trip
    • Hours of Operation
      • Leaves between 6:45am and 7:15am, Length: 13 hours
      • Will pick-up and drop-off at your hotel lobby
      • Entrance Fee
        • Pre-paid, bring confirmation e-mail (VOUCHER)
        • Booking Reference #:  XXX
        • Confirmation Details:  XXX
        • Code:  XXX
        • **Need an additional 11 each for entrance to Pompeii itself**
      • Features
        • Escorted by a local English speaking driver
        • Walking tour of Pompeii with expert local guide
        • Transport by minivan (max 8 people per minivan)
        • Stop at scenic viewpoints as you travel along the coastline to reach Positano, one of the most famous charming old fishing towns along the Amalfi coast. After free time in Positano, travel on to Amalfi.
        • Amalfi is a typical Mediterranean village. Here you can sample local Limoncello liqueur or visit the Paradise Cloister, dating back to the 13th century. You’ll also eat lunch in Amalfi (additional expense).
        • Pompeii: Take a two-hour guided walking tour conducted by a local expert guide. You’ll walk through the ancient ruins which were buried in ashes after Mount Vesuvius erupted almost 2000 years ago.
        • Your local contact is XXX on +39 041 XXXXXX.
        • Please note: Complimentary pick-up is offered for this tour/activity. For this service you must contact XXX at least 24 Hour(s) prior to your tour/activity date to verify your pick-up time and pick-up location.
        • In case of emergency-call XXX on 0340 XXXXXXX.
  • Night:  Bellesuite

–        March 27th (Sun.):

  • 8:15am, Leave Hotel for Airport, Taxi 40€ – 50€ (try to book pickup ahead)
  • 11:15am, Depart Rome  (FCO) on EasyJet Flight XXX
  • 12:50pm, Arrive at Gatwick (LGW)
  • Make sure car is going to meet you there to take you back to XXX
    • Will need cash (GBP) to pay the car upon arrival
Safety Note:

The cities you are traveling to are as safe as any city, but watch out for pick-pockets at all times.  Keep your bags close to you, nothing opened, and money and passports deep within your bags.  Preferably, bring a purse with a cross-body strap that can be zipped closed.

Food Note:

Italy has 3 amazing cheap food/drink items:  paninis, gelato, and capuccino/lattes.  However, prices tend to almost double when you sit down even for a coffee.  They literally charge a sitting charge in Italy for using a table (sometimes on every item you order).  Drink your coffees at the bar/counter standing (they don’t always have to-go cups at the good places because Italians tend not do that), take your sandwiches to go when possible or eat  them at the counter (always ask for them heated, almost anything can be made a panini most places), and eat a lot of gelato–it’s amazing and cheap.  When you eat in a restaurant, remember that they often add a service charge already which covers your tip and when you do tip there, it should be 5-10% (taxis are the same).  And a first course is often filling (most are pasta) so skip the second if you’re looking to save money, they tend to cost more (or split them).  Also, know if you sit at a table and order water, they don’t give you the option of tap water.  You have to pay for bottled.  Sometimes you’re almost better off ordering wine and skipping the expensive water.  And as a final note, I am attaching information on our favorite restaurant in Venice.  If you want to go over budget a little one night (it wasn’t crazy expensive or anything), the gnocchi with pesto we had there was AMAZING (and it’s hard to find a good, semi-affordable meal in Venice).

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