White Sand Beach (Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

10.2.2012- Saint Thomas has some of the most beautiful beached I’ve ever seen.  The soft, white sand is heavenly between your toes.  The aqua blue water looks more like a pool than the ocean.  I could spend hours just sitting in the sand, looking out over this picture-perfect scene.  It was amazing swimming in the warm, gentle waves, our own little piece of heaven.


  1. Where did you stay where did you go?

    • We were on a cruise ship, so we didn’t stay on the island. We visited Sapphire Beach which was very nice, shopped a little bit on Main Street (getting hassled to buy things gets tiring after a while especially when you’re not quite sure if you’re getting a deal), went up to Mountain Top to try the Banana Daiquiris (they really are very good) and enjoy the view which is great from up there, and stopped off at Drake’s seat for the view. It was a very relaxing island once you escaped the cruise ship crowds. We hired someone in town to take us around for the day for a very reasonable price with a few other people. There are a lot of people hawking this service, so shop around if you do that, but make sure it’s someone that isn’t too pushy and that doesn’t expect payment until the end so they don’t leave you somewhere.

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