Austria: Salzburg

This is a Work in Progress

Mirabel Gardens is beautiful, and it offers views up to the castle as a backdrop. It was free to enter, and a really nice place to walk through while headed to town (also a great location to snap some picture of both the castle and the beautiful rose bushes). One night while here, we went to a violin and piano concert in the Mirabel Palace. The venue was beautiful, and the violin player was amazing.

The bridges into the tourist part of Salzburg are a great spot for a photo shot over the river facing the town and the castle above it, especially at night when the castle and town are all lit up.

The main square in town always seems to have some type of activity, but when we were there, it was having some type of a market with a a great atmoshere and some great food.

The Castle is situated high above town. We took the cable car up to the castle–worth not hiking up there–and the views were great from up there (even if the sights were only so-so).

While in Salzburg, seek out the Augustiner Brewery (it’s walking distance from town). They had an amazing beer garden (huge), a beer hall, and some food stands. It was a great place to go, shady trees, fun atmosphere, and some of the best beer you’ll find in Europe. We loved it there!

We took the bus to Berchtesgarden & Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest from Salzburg one day. It took about 45 mins each way to Berchtesgarden (I believe buses left about hourly), and then we just took a taxi from the bus station up to where the Eagle’s Nest shuttles leave from. From up there, you book your departure up the mountain–do that first because there can be a little bit of a wait, can see Hitler’s Bunkers and the Documentation Center, and then take the shuttle up the mountain. From there it’s like an episode of “Get Smart.” You go into the tunnel, take Hitler’s elevator up the mountain, and come out at his challet. The challet itself is nothing exciting. It’s a restaurant now, and the only original part is the fireplace that American soldiers chipped off souveniers from. But the VIEWS are SPECTACULAR. (I don’t recommend even bothering to go on a foggy day.) The town if Berchtesgarden is also worth a look. When we were there they had a huge festival going on.

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